Have you ever felt a sense of familiarity when visiting a new place? Somewhere that is unknown to you, and yet you find yourself following that feeling, trying to figure out its source.

Well, I always feel like that while working on my photography, I keep looking around, trying to find the connection between myself and the environment. But, sometimes I can't find it, so I keep coming back to the same places that I know have something hidden, just waiting for me to discover it.
Until, finally, I find it. 

I believe that my camera is the tool that allows me to establish that connection, and my goal is to make my audience feel that emotion too.

I am an Italian Landscape Photographer living in Essex, UK.
I’ve always been passionate about photography, and despite having studied scientific subjects at school, and working as a professional software developer, I kept working on my photography, a counterweight to my rational and scientific everyday life.
I am interested in landscape photography, especially focusing on the technical-formal balance between the elements of natural landscape and the light conditions that modify their perception.
My images seek a compositional balance through the methodical subtraction of the background noise that diverts attention from the main subject. They don’t  describe, they are an interpretation of reality. Their aim isn't to amaze, but only to bring out simple and clear elements.
In my self-taught training I was influenced by photographers like Harry Callahan, Bill Brandt and Michael Kenna, and their ability to simplify the representation of landscape.
Lately I've been striving to add color in my landscape work, while still focusing on the mission of not distracting the audience with unnecessary aesthetic elements.